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Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2023 @ 1:22am by Duke Drake & Caitlin Thompson PhD

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Mission: 1.5 - Non Mission Posts
Location: Science Shed

Doc strolled along the walkway toward the shed that was designated for the science lab. He thought it best that the students test chemical reactions and other things away from the main house. This also gave Caitlin the opportunity to do some of her own research on the side, which is what brought him out to the "Science Building" this sunny afternoon. Stepping in to the shed, he saw Caitlin working on something he knew not what, but she seemed focused pretty intently. "Caitlin, whatcha workin' on?" Doc asked.

"Huh?" Caitlin said as she looked up from a table full of metal tubes and lasers. She scanned the room until she saw the scource of the voice. "Oh it's you. I can show you what I've been working on." She moved her body to the side and gestured. "This table is lasers. I am seeing if we can improve on using lasers to move sound. Going with some theories that I heard while at MIT." With a wave of paw, she gestured to another table, this had a white sheet on it and oil stains all over. "That was one of my bike motors. My Triumph's motor to be exact. It's a Personal project. I'm trying to up the power. And over there by where the students go, is the chemistry lesson for tomorrow."

"Sounds like you have a full plate, How long will it take you to put your bike together? I was never a mechanic myself, I put people back together not engines," he said trying to make a joke.

"Well this is one of the backups. It's not my daily rider. So there is no rush." She went over and pulled a sheet that was covering it, showing the dismantled motor. I'm actually trying to finish early. What a better way to show chemistry then with practical display. Lots of chemistry in a combustion motor. Plus with the barn being close to here, I don't have to move this far to get it in the bike."

"Nice, I didn't realize you were a mechanic as well as a scientist," Doc replied. "I was always more into fixing people than engines. What other talents are you hiding Caitlin?

"I'm only a mechanic out of necessity. Fell in love with motorcycles and the friends I rode here with insisted I learn to fix what I ride. Got good over the past few years. Mostly easy fixes though. Nothing too wild." She shrugged. "Other than that and my magic, not much more is hidden, though I tend to keep my magic done away from the students. I set up a spot in the barn, near the bikes. Other than that Couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, barely draw a straight line. So art and music is out."

Doc chuckled, "I can't draw either but I do play a guitar, mostly country and classic rock, though I do dabble with the blues a little bit every once in a while. Are you settling in ok?"

"So far I am. Got so used to being in an old, falling apart trailer. Forgot how it feels to have solid walls and a soft bed." Caitlin replied.

"As long as you're here you'll have solid walls and a soft bed," Doc said before changing the subject. "It's the beginning of October, I was thinking about having a Halloween party for the kids and staff. What do you think would be a good party theme?"

"I think superheroes would be a bit weird, given our current lives. Though I haven't been to many parties. So I'm not a good judge." Caitlin answered.

"Yeah I don't think that would be a great party theme, a little to on the nose. I could ask the others for a better idea. In the mean time I'm going to head back to my office, if you need anything from me, just let me know," Doc replied.

"I will let you know. What about asking the kids what they'd like. Get a theame from there. Or get one for all staff and studfents to vote on? I may not have any personal ideas, but I'm sure I can vote. Plus programing my stuff with my...magic... could make it fun. Lights, sounds..."

"Good suggestion!" Doc replied, "I'll get a survey going and we will go from there. Thank you for your time," he said as he exited the science shed.

#The End


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