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Caitlin Thompson

Name Caitlin Amanda Thompson PhD

Position Science Teacher

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color Hair is reddish brown, fur is a mix of colors
Eye Color Blue, catlike
Physical Description Caitlin stands out. Alot. She has the outward appearance of a catgirl. Cat-like ears, whiskers, feline eyes, and sharp teeth. She has a tail that looks feline, but is prehensile. Though she can only lift herself or up to 100 pounds. Her body is in shape and covered in fur. Her legs are more like a cat.  She can walk upright and she will normally wear a dress or skirt. Her hands resemble paws but she has an opposable thumb. Her feet are more like a chimp, making her able to climb fast.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gary Thompson
Mother Susan Thompson
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family She is very few family members that want to have anything to do with her. Pretty much it's just a cousin beyond that if they pay her no attention she doesn't acknowledge their existence.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caitlin is a good person, but she fits the absent-minded professor role too well. She is super smart, but easily distracted with her many projects. Getting through college at a young age was hard. Everyone that knows her knows not to get on the subject of people giving phds and who the youngest one is. With her push to go through college she really didn't have a childhood. So she's living that out now, and has been alone for the last year. trying to figure out her powers. She has spent that time building gadgets, and then using her magic to enchant them.

Strengths & Weaknesses strengths
In great shape
Strength and all five senses are above human levels
Faster than most baseline humans

Can't pass as human without magic to conceal her mutant appearance 
Tends to bounce from project to project
Is not in contact with her parents. 
Hard to keep on task
Can be insulting
Please do not bring up the fact that she is no longer listed as the youngest person to graduate high school, even though she was, and still is.

Ambitions Ambitions. To live her own life and make her own choices
Hobbies & Interests She has just a few hobbies, she loves to read. She loves to Tinker with her gadgets. And she also loves to work out. For music she tends to stay with 60s folk music and classic rock


Alias Animagus
Mutant Registration Status Registered Mutant
Primary Power Caitlin has a mutation, and a powerset that are very different. Her physical mutation is that she looks like an animal. Her head looks like a mix between cat and human. She has big ears, huge eyes that see well at night. And whiskers to feel in front of her. Her ears are more sensitive than humans. On her hands are small marks, akin to the nose of a star nosed mole. She has a great sense of touch. Her sense of smell is greater than most humans. Her legs are stronger than normal. And when she runs she can run normally like a human, or drop all fours and run up to 25 miles an hour. If she pushes herself she can Sprint up to about 50. She only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day. 
Secondary/Travel Power Her secondary powers are magic. While she can cast some spells, mostly things to stop or slow people. She stays away from destruction magic,, as she is afraid of being hurt.. her main skillset is in enchanting. She uses this power and conjunction with her gadgeting habit .*Note* while she is registered as a mutant, it is unknown to others that she has magic. She has managed to keep that fact very hidden even to the family members that still love her With her magic she does have a travel power, and that is teleport. But as a scientist she is worried about using it for a great distance. If she knows the Earth is in constant motion. And that there could be a chance that she's going to appear somewhere, inside the Earth or far above it. And she likes to joke her main travel power is a motorcycle. Well she owns one she doesn't use it often, as she tends to get pulled over quite a lot.
Training/Skillset Caitlin has the training to be a teacher. She has Masters in phds to be able to teach not only science but math. She is also very Adept at making gadgets, many of them have no use, other than to make her laugh. She is a polyglot, speaking 10 languages
Mission Team Specialty While in combat Caitlin can fill two different roles. With her magic she is crowd control. With her animal side she is more of a Frontline fighter.


Personal History Caitlin was born in 1973, to a couple that were unaware they were mutants. When she was born, the hospital forced her parents to register her. They lived in Boston. Her father worked at the docks, her mother was a lawyer. While she was growing up, it was realized that she wasn't just a mutant, that there was something else going on. She was crawling earlier than most. She was starting to try and walk before most. She was speaking before a year old. Many doctors attributed that to her animal side.

When she was just a year old, her parents noticed her reading books. She went through them like they were nothing. And when asked later she could tell you what she had read. And she got older comprehension set in on what she read. At the age of three, she was given a test to see where her intelligence level was. At this point a cousin who is just going into college had been pushing more and more textbooks towards the little girl. Her parents began homeschooling. An aunt that lived with them helped her with the schooling. At the age of five she became the youngest person ever to pass High school.

She made news with her intelligence. This also bred hatred, from those that hated mutants. She grew to hate the Limelight. She hated being on national news. She knew how to read, she could write. She had been learning two other languages. Spanish, and gaelic. Of all the classes she was given, the one that intrigued her the most was anything dealing with science. She was also fairly good with math.

At the age of five, she entered into a community college. Going with the advice of her cousin, she went into two fields of study. To the other amazement of the people around her, she left the Community College after just a year and a half. When she left the community college, she had an associate's degree in teaching, an associate's degree in science. She went into a university, mostly on the fact that she was a mutant, and they were very open-minded. She began to get a pushback from people, due to her looks. By the time she finished she had two Bachelor degrees. One for with a focus on physics, and one for teaching. This took her three and a half years. She celebrated her 10th birthday shortly after getting her bachelor's.

All she wanted to attempt to go for a PhD, she wanted a masters first. More to the point the schools wanted a master first. So using her status as a mutant, her age is a recruitment tool for the school, and just the press that it would gain them, she was able to get in to Harvard.

Finally she wanted to go to MIT, for her PhD in applied physics. This was mostly done out of ego. To prove to all the people she could do it not only had she been the youngest High School graduate. And the youngest college graduate, with a double bachelor, a double master, and now a double PhD. She was also a mutant.

As she was finishing up her final PhD, she was watching the news one night and watch the story of the news people applauding a child that had entered into college. And treating him like he was the youngest ever. It took several weeks of her parents and her cousin trying to talk her into staying in school pointing out that it was just one bigoted reporter who didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

She just turned around 18 when she got out of school. She had all of her education done, now she had her life in front of her to live. Her parents threw her a party, and now she was trying to figure out how to lead her life. It has been hard for her to find a job, as no one will treat her as a college graduate due to her status as a mutant. Even though she was and still is the youngest person to leave High school, and to get a degree she's treated like nothing. She has been unable to get a job anywhere. And has been living with distant relatives on a farm in the south while working on her magic