The Sim

Ridgehaven Manor - A plantation built in 1801. It was a cotton and sugarcane farm for many years. During the Civil War, it was a haven for runaway slaves and a stop on the Underground Railroad. It has had many owners in its almost 200 years of existence but fell into disrepair in the late '70s and early '80s due to disuse and lack of money. Dr. Duke purchased the property in January 1992 and hired various contractors to construct different portions. Only the Doctor had the full blueprint so no single person was privy to what was being constructed.

--Groups and Organizations--

Voodoo Krewe - A mutants rights organization based in New Orleans. The name comes from their leader a mutant known as the Witch Doctor. The group believes it is their role in life to rule over inferior humans.

Daughters of Iris - Name taken by a group of speedster mutants who have begun a string of robberies focused on jewelry and high-end ladies' wear. The name is inspired by Iris the Greek god of speed.

Apostles of Prometheus - The name of an anti-mutant organization based in New Orleans, with chapters spreading across the Southern United States. Their name comes from the Greek god Prometheus, known as the god of humanity


Mayor Marvin Kline - Current New Orleans Mayor, believes mutants should be treated fairly once they are registered

Councilman Harry Winthrop III - Mayoral Candidate who believes mutants are a nuisance that should be eliminated, believes in sterilization of anyone that carries the X-Gene.

Nurse Reynolds - Doctor Drake's girlfriend as well as an informant. She assists with recruiting and sending those in need to the Doctor's doorstep. Currently working in the N.O. Medical Center Emergency Room.

The Collector - A human that hunts mutants for DNA and trophies.

Sentinels - Robots created by Dr. Trask for hunting down mutants