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Dr. Drake and Ridghaven Manor

Posted on Wed Jun 7th, 2023 @ 3:05am by Duke Drake

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Mission: 1.5 - Non Mission Posts
Location: The Doctor's Memoirs

Dr. Duke Drake had always possessed extraordinary powers, but the burden of their destructive nature weighed heavily on his conscience. Born a mutant with the ability to teleport and disintegrate objects at will, he had seen the havoc his abilities could wreak. Determined to make amends for the chaos he had caused, he embarked on a path of redemption.

Dr. Drake dedicated his life to medicine, pursuing a career as a medical doctor. His mission was to save lives rather than take them. He learned to control his powers, using them only when necessary in dire situations. His newfound purpose brought him solace, but he couldn't ignore the plight of young mutants who, like him, struggled to find their place in the world.

Recognizing the need for a safe haven, Dr. Drake made a bold decision. He purchased an old plantation named Ridgehaven Manor, a sprawling estate nestled thirty minutes northwest of New Orleans. With unwavering determination, he transformed it into the Ridghaven Academy—a school for junior and senior high school mutants.

The academy opened its doors discreetly, unknown to the public that it was designed exclusively for young mutants. The first year of the school's existence brought in fifty eager mutants from all walks of life. Dr. Drake assembled a team of dedicated teachers, each with unique abilities of their own, to guide and nurture the students.

At Ridghaven Academy, mutants were taught to harness their powers responsibly, control their abilities, and use them for the betterment of society. The curriculum integrated traditional academics with specialized training tailored to the students' unique gifts. Dr. Drake insisted on an inclusive environment where students were encouraged to embrace their differences and build a strong community.

Word of the academy's success spread among the mutant community, and soon, it became a beacon of hope for young mutants seeking guidance and understanding. Parents, previously burdened with worry, found solace knowing their children were in safe hands.

As the school flourished, the students grew in both knowledge and self-confidence. They formed strong friendships, forged alliances, and learned the true power of unity. Ridghaven Academy became a sanctuary for these young mutants, a place where they could explore their potential and embrace their identities.

Dr. Duke Drake had come a long way from his days of fear and self-doubt. Through his unwavering determination and compassion, he had transformed his destructive powers into a force for good. Ridghaven Academy stood as a testament to his journey—a place where young mutants found acceptance, guidance, and the tools they needed to shape a better world for themselves and others.


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