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Anthony De Luca

Name Anthony Joseph De Luca

Position Music Teacher

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Average looking young adult, typically wearing a t-shirt and hooded jacket, blue jeans and sunglasses (even indoors)


Father Vincent De Luca
Mother Maria De Luca

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anthony is a pretty laid back individual, at least outwardly. He does tend to keep people at arms length however, his sense of trust being shattered at a young age. He avoids large crowds and places with heavy echos do to the way his powered manifested.
Strengths & Weaknesses A talented musician and very street smart and well read do to ducking into many a library when the weather turned bad and he had no cash on hand or no shelter near by. He has no real formal education and it shows when dealing with anything more then basic math or the sciences.
Ambitions Being on the run his entire life, he just wants a place he can call home.
Hobbies & Interests The basics of music, reading and movies. He hates going to concerts or theaters though because of the massive amount of background noise.


Alias Sound Scream
Mutant Registration Status un
Primary Power Sonic Manipulation - If it involves sound, Anthony can do it, from simply adjusting the volume of a noise, to full sonar and hard sound energy blasts.
Secondary/Travel Power An odd quirk from how his powered manifested it Anthony can understand anything he hears, as far as human communication is concerned. He can also sense subtle tonal variations and can even hear a persons heart beat. This however all goes away when he closes his eyes.
Training/Skillset Not having any real education Anthony has no formal skill set or training other then being a self taught musician.
Mission Team Specialty Anthony is an offensive blaster. Even though his other powers can be useful in locating people and effecting the enviroment, with out more focused training he is best used in more offensive positions.


Personal History Born to Vincent De Luca, head of the De Luca crime family in New York, Anthony was abandoned as baby to an orphanage because he was deaf and undesirable to his parents. The orphanage was paid off every year to keep Anthony from being adopted in order too keep him from being taken in by Vincent's enemies and exploited. The orphanage did not treat him badly, making sure he was schooled and was taught ASL.

When he was 16 however the payments never hit the schools bank account ,due to Vincent having spent a small stint in jail and not being able to send the cash. Due to this, the orphanage having become greedy, decided to sell off Anthony to one of the De Luca's rivals. While discussing this outside of his door, Anthony's powers began to manifest. It was a slow manifestation, his eyes starting to see shapes and lights, which his brain began to adapt into words, then voices. Learning of the plot to sell him, the young child started to plan to run away. He didn't have to long to plan as the next day while being transported to school, the car we was in made a different turn into an alley. His door was quickly opened and someone attempted to take him. Anthony screamed, his powers coming forth again pushing the car and kidnappers into the walls, knocking them out, or at least he hopped just knocking them out. thinking quick he grabbed all of the cash and credit cards they had on them, pulled up his hoodie, took a pair of their sunglasses and ran. One of the kidnappers had stupidly written there pin number on their card, so Anthony quickly went about cashing out as much as he could on an ATM. Bought some supplies with cash and just took of.

Thanks to his "fathers" efforts to keep him hidden, Anthony had no identity, nothing to tie him to any system, no paper trail what so ever, this made it easier to travel state to state, doing under the table jobs, and some things less then legal. Traveling he honed his powers, learned whatever he could, and just kept running, running from a danger that may not have even been after him anymore.

He would still be on the run until one day someone just handed him a letter, and invitation to a manor in Louisiana.