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Kranny Shtorm

Name Kranny Shtorm

Position SERE Instructor

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 6'9
Weight 326
Hair Color white
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Shtorm is a large person even by mutant standards standing well over 6 feet tall with large muscles across his body. He has neck length messy white hair with a large white beard. As he usually likes to go without a shirt when not at the school he has a thick full chest of hair and on this back. He has a large scar over his eye and several scars around his body. Usually sporting large combat pants with his large black combat boots. On his arms are old soviet era tattoos such old mottos, the flag, a large bear catching a fish at a river and Lenin's face. He also has a tattoo with tree with his wifes name and his own at the top and his two children on the next branch down.


Spouse Calina Shtorm (deceased)
Children Sasha Shtorm (deceased)
Nikolai Shtorm (deceased)
Father Unknown
Mother unknown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Shtorm is very strong, fast and durable as well as an expert on military combat and wilderness survival but when it comes to puzzles, mind games he is very weak. He is also very trusting in people, believing everyone and everything is a friend until they prove otherwise.
Ambitions Shtorm simply loves to help. He has zero ambitions other than to make friends and help the world grow and become a kinder place.
Hobbies & Interests He loves the outdoors and to camp. He like to wood carve small trinkets as well as make larger wooden pieces. Shtorm is fascinated with nature and its process.


Alias Beorn, Shtorm
Mutant Registration Status un
Primary Power He has super human, strength, stanima, durability and speed reaching up to 16mph. When he transforms into his full bear form, he resembles a Kamchatka brown bear standing at 8'5 feet tall and weighting about 1,300 pounds granting him increased strengh and speed getting up to 30mph.
Secondary/Travel Power Can go into a deep hibernate like sleep which puts him in a form of stasis and heals him of injury.
Training/Skillset Military combat and tactics, wilderness survival.
Mission Team Specialty Foward combat


Personal History Shtorm was born into a country of turmoil. He lost his parents at a very young age and was forced to find a way to live. He became fascinated with the speeches of Lenin and helped as a carrier for letters amongst his followers. When Shtorm turned 17 he joined up with the military and during basic training is when they noticed he was no ordinary kid. He was quickly picked up for a new mission. He was to be built up as a super soldier to jump start a new form of weapon for the motherland. His training was hard and grueling but for his country he bore it. What little of a childhood he had he long forgot as his sole purpose was to be a weapon for his commanders. He was let lose during the Battle of Stalingrad in Janurary of 1943 wrecking great havoc among the German forces. He continued to help win battle after battle for the Soviets pushing the Germans back each time. The generals knew him as Project - Beorn but many of the soldiers who saw him in action referred to him as an unstoppable storm. It was During this time that he met his future wife Calina who was a field medic. She did not fear him as so many of the other soliders did, as they saw a monster, a tool to win the war. Shtorm and Calina spent whatever time they could between battles with Storm promising to return to her when they push Hitler back into hell. And that's what he did, as they kept pushing the Germans back all the way to Berlin.

With Soviets taking Berlin and the war won Shtorm thought that was the end of it, he could go back to Calina and live a life, meanwhile Stalin had other ideas. He was ordered to be captured and brought back but Shtorm refused. He fought his own comrades to escape into the wilderness. He lived off the land and traveled till he was able to find Calina again. They left and went together back to the wilderness where they lived for years. They had two children and were happy. But it was only happy for so long, Shtorms son Nikolai got sick with cholera and Shtorm went out for medicine. He found it but was tracked back to his wilderness home where soldiers fired upon Shtorm and his family. His family lost and badly injured Shtorm found a remote cave and slept, hibernating for many, many years only to wake up to a very different world. Shtorm was no longer in the Soviet Union but was now in a new country called Ukraine.

Shtorm explored this new world trying to figure out what had happened as he learns the fate of his once called homeland. He caught wind of a school of others with powers like him. So while he had to set off to America a country, he once called enemy he would soon learn to see it as his new home.