Constantin Gautreaux

Name Constantin Gautreaux

Position Staff

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Above average height with a muscular build. One would almost say he was a body builder if they didn't know of his powers. Dark hair framed an almost aristocratic face and piercing blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Zéphyrin Gautreaux
Mother Gisèle Gautreaux
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Older sisters:
Aurélia Gautreaux
Marie-Elie Gautreaux
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A war hardened medic and doctor with little tolerance for foolishness. Battle weary and sometimes haunted by nightmares and memory of the past. Yet resolute and duty bound giving a hundred percent to everything he does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Strong Willed
Great in a Crisis
Jack of all trades
Detail oriented

Blames himself when things go wrong
Private and reserved
Difficult to relax
Ambitions To protect mutant kind and to stay off of the radar of the US military and any intelligence organization based in that country.
Hobbies & Interests Music both instrumental and singing
Martial Arts


Alias Nocturne
Mutant Registration Status Unregistered Mutant
Primary Power Organic manipulation (atomic level)
Secondary/Travel Power Life-Force Manipulation
Training/Skillset Medic and Science specialist
Mission Team Specialty Medic


Personal History Constantin was born and raised in the bayou of Louisiana. He of course attended school as was mandatory for all children but when he wasn’t at school, he was either working on the family farm or he was out hunting and being in nature. He enjoyed being out as he was able to study plants and wildlife. He excelled in science at school. Most notably the physical sciences such as biology, anatomy, etc. However, his good times were not to last.

When he was fifteen his powers first manifested. There had been an accident on the farm and one of his sisters had gotten badly injured. Getting to her he held her and looked around for a plant or anything that might be able to aid them. He first felt was like a tingling but only grew and grew to the point where it felt like his body was going to tear itself apart. Finally it eased and he looked down and saw no signs of the previous injuries his sister had suffered. In fact even the scars she had from previous injuries were gone. Of course that scared him and he ran off. Later that night at dinner his sister made mention of fainting from the heat and having a weird dream of having an accident. He breathed in relief that whatever it was he had done wasn’t remembered.

He put it out of his mind and for a few months was able to forget. Then one day when he was doing chores he cut himself pretty badly. He first gasped with the pain and then again when he felt an echo of the feeling he had with his sister but nowhere near as bad and watched as the wound seemingly closed on its own like it had never been there.

Being scientific in mind he needed to find out what was going on. He started to experiment with what was happening. He found that he could manipulate the structure of organic matter. He tested on both plants and animals that had been injured. With plants he accidentally turned the roses around the house blue when there were no such recorded roses that he could find to the area.

He did his best for the next three years to keep it to himself but as well as to earn himself some favors with the local “organizations”. Once he graduated high school, he used those favors to get forged documents for a new identity. With his powers he thought it would be a good idea should he ever need them. Then he enlisted in the Navy.

His enlisted as a corpsman thinking with his understanding of anatomy and physiology that it would be the best option. He was assigned as a combat medic and transferred to a Marine corps unit.

However, as with all good things, it was not meant to last. His squad was overseas handing peacekeeping operations when they were set upon by guerilla fighters. It was raining which made combat difficult already. They were pinned in and cut off from retreat. The enemy was moving in and several of his team were injured. Finally, they used an RPG which injured everyone including himself. Using his powers, he healed himself and then the rest of the team though he left them sleeping. Seeing his friends that had become like family badly hurt snapped something inside him.

Under the cover of night, he left their fortified position, he made his way out to where the guerilla fighters were as quietly as he could. He went through their camp like a ghost using his powers to kill them in horrid ways. By the time he was done there were none left alive. It wasn’t until morning when he saw the true face of his handiwork. He was shaken. The bodies in all the grotesque ways he had made them die laid before him. It wasn’t until weeks later when he was still wracked with nightmares that he made a solemn vow to himself that he would never use his powers in such a way again.

Finishing out his six year enlistment, he left with an honorable discharge. He had also used his time in service to take online courses and get his bachelor's degree in anatomy and physiology. Using that degree he enrolled in medical school. He graduated top of his class and specialized in emergency medicine and surgery. He went to work in a hospital as an ER doctor. He used his gift sparingly but where he could get away with it to help people.

It was during this time that one of his old platoon got in contact with him saying the military was asking questions. It would seem that the military found that all the men he had healed had none of the previous injuries that had been listed by other doctors from prior missions. Getting paranoid he knew he was easy to find where he was. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and resigned from his position at the hospital. He knew from what was going on and the powers he had that he was a mutant. He also knew what the military or government would do if they got their hands on him. He packed what he could carry and cleaned out his bank account taking cash only. He left the city and headed out to try to get lost in the country. Perhaps ply his skills out as a country doctor or something somewhere that had little to no contact with the government and where they would have no cause to look for him.