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Andrew Hallows

Name Andrew James Hallows

Position English Teacher

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1”
Weight 201 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Overall he is an average looking man, standing just over 6 feet and weighing 201 lbs. he doesn’t look overly muscular, however he is decently toned from his time with the military, along with that he is a wiry muscular from his years of training and competitions from hapkido.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jacob Richard Hallows (Police Detective) (Deceased)
Mother Victoria Audrey Hallows (née Williams) (High School English Teacher)

Personality & Traits

General Overview From his time with the military, he has a strong protective streak, he is on average a humble person. He takes great enjoyment from teaching the younger generations, much like his mother did while he was growing up. He often does not speak loudly, nor raise his voice, unless such actions are needed. He believes that conservation of both movement and action for his years of hapkido competitions and training.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-

Overly Protective at times
Reckless, when he is protecting something he cares about
Ambitions He wishes to follow in the footsteps of his parents.
Hobbies & Interests Philosophy, Martial Arts, Teaching, Writing, Jogging and Keeping himself in shape.


Alias Revenant
Mutant Registration Status Registered Mutant
Primary Power Active Camouflage - Ability to mask one’s presence, there are limitations, he is only able to vanish from sight for three hours, before it must recharge for an hour, for it to be used again. When utilizing this power he is able to affect anything non-organic which he is carrying.
Secondary/Travel Power Enhanced Agility, Reflexes and Strength - Through rigorous training both his agility and reflexes have been increased, he is able to lift 300 lbs, almost effortlessly, with time that weight limit may increase.
Training/Skillset Hapkido(3rd Dan Black Belt), Marksmanship, Outdoor Survival, Silent Movement, Investigation, Hunting, Tonfa/Baton training
Mission Team Specialty Infiltration/Scouting/Melee


Personal History As a child he grew up idolizing his parents, his father the cop and his mother the teacher. At the age of 6 he got into a large fight with several of the bullies at his elementary, he got in trouble with the school, which pulled his mother out of the English class she was teaching and his father from the PD. After this they both agreed that though he wasn’t in the wrong for stopping the fight at school, he still needed structure which is what led to Andrew going to a Hapkido dojo. As they had hoped the dojo gave him the structure he needed and taught him conservation of motion.

As a youth, Andrew was an interesting mixture of athletic and nerdy, because of his parents. Jacob was a very active outdoorsy sort of person, while on the flip side his mother being an English teacher was heavily into reading many different subjects. With that in mind, Andrew became a mixture of both of his parents.

He went hunting with his father and that was the first time his Active Camouflage, it was a shock for him and the deer he was hunting.

In high school, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, it was obvious that he was torn in what he wanted. Which is why he made something of a compromise. He went college for and English Degree, while being in to ROTC, with the intent of being like his father a Detective.

Upon completing his first 4 years of college and attaining his BA in English, he went directly from being a student to being a second lieutenant with Army CID(Criminal Investigation Division) based out of Ft. Benning. After three years and attaining the rank of Captain, he saw a special assignment to Kuwait. During his time with the Army he worked at attaining his MA in English. So, in many ways he was equal parts his mother and his father who passed away will he was in Kuwait, the only thing he didn’t share with his mother was that he wasn’t a teacher.

At the age of 30, he was medically discharged, due to an incident that left him with a triangle of gun shot wounds to his right leg, an incident he refuses to talk about. Four years later he is a teacher of English. It turned it wasn't only his English teaching degree, but also the fact that he was a mutant, which caught the eye of Dr. Drake.