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Emilio Delgado

Name Emilio Emanuel Delgado

Position Student-Senior

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 170 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Emilio possesses a strong and athletic build, standing at approximately 5'11" (180 cm) with a well-defined muscular physique. His naturally dark, captivating eyes hold an air of mystery and depth, drawing people in with their intense gaze. His thick, dark eyebrows frame his eyes, accentuating their intensity.

Emilio's face is adorned with sharp, chiseled features. He has a strong jawline that exudes confidence and determination, complemented by a bit of stubble, adding to his rugged charm. His full, expressive lips often sport a charismatic smile that effortlessly captivates those around him. His hair is styled in a fashionable manner, often characterized by a carefully crafted haircut that enhances his handsome features. It may be dark and lustrous, styled with precision or left slightly tousled, adding to his effortless charm and magnetic appeal.

Emilio's overall style is impeccably fashionable, showcasing his keen eye for trendy attire that highlights his physique. He exudes confidence in his choice of clothing, often donning stylish outfits that reflect his modern and charismatic persona.


Father Gabriel Delgado
Mother Dalia Delgado
Brother(s) Miguel, Juan, Andres, and Mateo

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emilio is an analytical and introspective thinker. He possesses a keen intellect and a natural curiosity about the world around him. Emilio is highly introspective, often engaging in deep contemplation and reflection on various subjects. He is introspective and driven to understand himself and others. Overall, Emilio's personality is a blend of introspection, intellectual curiosity, kindness, and an ongoing battle with self-doubt and fear. His journey is one of self-discovery, seeking to find his true identity beyond the powers that shape people's perceptions of him.

Due to his powerset, which garners significant admiration and affection from others, Emilio experiences a deep internal conflict. Despite the positive response he receives, he feels guilt and inadequacy, as he believes he doesn't measure up to the idealized version of himself that people perceive. This internal dissonance fuels his drive to learn about people and become the best version of himself. He has dedicated himself to understanding human nature and cultivating kindness and goodness within himself. He has immersed himself in studying human behavior, emotions, and motivations, striving to be empathetic and compassionate towards others. His desire to align his actions with the perception people have of him drives him to constantly work on self-improvement.

To bridge the gap between his internal insecurities and external perception, Emilio has pushed himself physically in the gym. By building a strong and muscular physique, he aims to create harmony between his external appearance and the confidence people associate with him. This physical transformation becomes a way for him to alleviate the cognitive dissonance he experiences.

Emilio's greatest fear revolves around the notion that people will see him as nothing without his powers. He fears rejection and the loss of the connection and admiration that he receives. This fear motivates him to constantly prove himself and strive for self-sufficiency beyond his powers, pushing him to develop other aspects of his personality and abilities.


Alias Casanova
Mutant Registration Status Unregistered Mutant
Primary Power Emilio possesses the power of Charismatic Influence. When he speaks or acts, others perceive his words and actions as the right thing to say or do, creating a sense of consensus and approval. People are naturally drawn to follow him and fulfill his desires. The strength of this power's effect can range from admiration and double takes to full-on infatuation, depending on the person. Most people with the X-Gene seem to have an immunity to the effects of his powers.
Secondary/Travel Power Emilio possesses a magnetic aura that commands attention wherever he goes. When he enters a room, others are immediately captivated by his presence. His aura exudes confidence and high status, evoking admiration and respect from those around him.
Training/Skillset Over the years, Emilio has honed his ability to shape the impressions people have of him. He has learned to manipulate subtle interactions to create different perceptions of himself, allowing him to control how others see him. His mastery of persona management enables him to influence people's opinions and reactions to his advantage.
Mission Team Specialty Emilio excels in diplomacy and negotiation, making him a valuable asset to any mission team. His charismatic influence and charm aid him in diffusing conflicts, finding common ground, and building rapport with individuals or groups. Emilio's ability to manipulate impressions and evoke strong emotions also proves useful in negotiations, helping him steer conversations towards desired outcomes. When it comes to a fight, he can also hold his own in hand to hand combat, but possesses no special physical gifts beyond his own training.