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McKenna Lockhart

Name McKenna Jessica Lockhart

Position PE Coach

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 125 Lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Cool Blue
Physical Description Standing at a slightly above-average height with a shapely yet athletic frame, McKenna possesses a captivating physical presence. She is in great physical condition, but has maintained the feminine softness that makes men’s eyes turn involuntarily in her direction. Her lustrous blonde locks cascade down in gentle waves, but are cut off at her shoulders, framing a face that radiates a timeless beauty. Her cool blue eyes, reminiscent of glacial waters, hold an enigmatic allure, drawing others into their depths. With a graceful poise and confident demeanor, McKenna exudes an air of both pleasant friendliness and strength, embodying the perfect balance between power and beauty.

With a lilting West Texas accent, McKenna's voice carries warmth and friendliness that reflect her upbringing. She prefers lotions and perfumes with scents of vanilla and summer flowers, aligning with her desire to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere around her. McKenna is attentive to aesthetics to a fault and is always sure to look and smell her best.

When working, she normally wears clothes that suit her work best: fashionable workout clothes when out on the field teaching a gym class and stylish formal skirts and dresses when behind her desk. During her free time, she tends to dress semi-formally, preferring light and vibrant tones to heavier ones and dresses and skirts over pants and skirts.

Her Aurora costume is basically a white leotard, a red cape clasped to her body with a large golden clip and gold cord, and blue gloves and boots. The most distinctive part of the costume is its regal style and the amount of skin it shows, being that it doesn’t cover her cleavage or her legs outside the panty line. Since she rather likes attention from men, these costume features are difficult for her to part with.


Father Congressman Morgan Lockhart (Louisiana's 1st District; Senate Candidate)
Mother Elizabeth Walsh
Brother(s) Patrick Lockhart (Twin)
Sister(s) Carmen Lockhart (Twin)
Heidi Lockhart (Half Sister)
Other Family Fred & Diane Walsh (Maternal Grandparents)

Personality & Traits

General Overview McKenna is a captivating and resilient individual whose warm and friendly nature draws others towards her. With her Southern charm and a presence that commands attention, she possesses an innate ability to uplift those around her, bringing light and positivity to any situation. As a physical education and health teacher at Ridgehaven, McKenna channels her passion for helping others and promoting wellness into her profession.

Despite her outward confidence, McKenna struggles with an internal belief that she must be perfect in order to be worthy of love and acceptance. This self-imposed pressure can push her to exceed her limits and neglect her own well-being. Her fear of abandonment, stemming from her father's recurrent absence and current political career, adds complexity to her personal journey. As she navigates her own insecurities and familial challenges, McKenna strives to embrace her unique mutant abilities while seeking acceptance and love within herself. Her journey to find inner strength and self-acceptance is one that resonates with her determination to make a positive impact on the lives of others, becoming a beacon of light and inspiration for mutants everywhere.

Beyond her professional life, McKenna finds solace in engaging in sports like volleyball, tennis, and horseback riding, where she can channel her energy and embrace her love for movement and athleticism. She has had a storied history of unsuccessful relationships and is prone to accepting abuse from men, especially when she’s fallen for them. This is a weakness she is nowhere near solving.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Charismatic and Attractive: McKenna possesses a captivating charm and attractiveness that naturally draws others towards her, making her adept at building rapport and forging connections.
-Positive and Uplifting: She exudes a genuine positivity that uplifts those around her, bringing light and warmth to any situation.
-Physical Agility and Combat Skills: McKenna's training in combat and martial arts has honed her physical abilities, making her agile, quick, and proficient in close-quarters combat.
-Versatility in Powers: Her mastery over electrical manipulation and gravity manipulation grants her versatility in combat and strategic maneuvering, allowing her to adapt to various situations.
-Tactical Thinking: McKenna has a keen tactical mind, enabling her to analyze complex situations swiftly and make strategic decisions that maximize her team's success.
-Resourcefulness: She possesses a resourceful nature, able to think on her feet and find creative solutions to challenges that arise.

-Fear of Abandonment: McKenna's deep-rooted fear of abandonment stemming from her father's absence impacts her emotionally and can lead to moments of vulnerability and insecurity.
-Self-imposed Pressure for Perfection: She believes that she must be perfect to be worthy of love and acceptance, which can lead to self-criticism and pushing herself beyond her limits.
-Overreliance on Powers: McKenna may sometimes rely too heavily on her powers, underestimating her own physical capabilities or neglecting alternative solutions.
-Vulnerability to Emotional Manipulation: Her strong desire for love and acceptance can make her susceptible to emotional manipulation by those who exploit her insecurities.
-Difficulty with Trust: Due to her history of abandonment, McKenna may struggle to trust others fully, which can create challenges in forming deep, meaningful relationships.
-Impulsiveness: At times, McKenna's passion and emotional nature may lead her to act impulsively, potentially putting herself or her team at risk.
Ambitions As she uncovers the truth behind her father's political career and confronts the unresolved issues within her family, McKenna's journey intertwines with her quest for power mastery and her search for genuine love. Through her charismatic leadership, the refinement of her electrical manipulation and gravity manipulation powers, and her unwavering commitment to foster unity and equality, McKenna aspires to create a world where mutants and humans coexist harmoniously while finding personal fulfillment and a profound connection that completes her path of self-discovery.
Hobbies & Interests McKenna possesses a vibrant array of hobbies and interests that reflect her active and adventurous spirit. She finds solace and joy in engaging in various sports, with a particular fondness for volleyball, tennis, and horseback riding. Whether it's the exhilaration of spiking a volleyball, the precision of a well-executed tennis stroke, or the freedom of riding on horseback, McKenna relishes the physicality and thrill that these activities provide. Beyond her athletic pursuits, McKenna also has a deep appreciation for nature and enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring scenic landscapes and immersing herself in the serenity of the natural world. Her love for outdoor adventures fuels her sense of adventure and fuels her desire to embrace life to the fullest. With her dynamic blend of athleticism and an affinity for the great outdoors, McKenna's hobbies and interests mirror her zest for life and her unwavering pursuit of excitement and fulfillment.


Alias Aurora
Mutant Registration Status un
Primary Power Electrical Manipulation - McKenna, known as Aurora, possesses the extraordinary ability to manipulate and control electricity. Through her power of particle charging, she can generate, absorb, and direct electrical energy at will. With a mere thought, she can summon bolts of lightning, create electrical fields, and channel electricity through her body, turning herself into a living conductor of immense power. This mastery over electrical forces grants her offensive capabilities, defensive shields, and the capacity to manipulate technology.
Secondary/Travel Power Gravity Manipulation - In addition to her electrical prowess, Aurora has the secondary ability to manipulate gravity. She can manipulate gravitational forces to alter the weight, movement, and trajectory of objects and individuals. This power grants her the ability to create micro-gravitational fields, enabling her to levitate, enhance her agility, and control the gravitational pull on herself and others.
Training/Skillset Aurora has undergone rigorous training in combat and martial arts, developing exceptional physical abilities and honing her combat techniques. She possesses advanced hand-to-hand combat skills, blending her agility, speed, and precision strikes to overpower adversaries. Additionally, she has received specialized training in tactical strategies and infiltration techniques, allowing her to navigate complex missions with precision and stealth.
Mission Team Specialty Aurora's expertise lies in battlefield control. Her mastery of electrical manipulation and gravity manipulation allows her to exert dominance over the battlefield, manipulating the environment to gain strategic advantages. She can create electrical barriers for protection, manipulate gravity to alter the terrain, and unleash devastating electrical attacks to neutralize threats.


Personal History McKenna Jennifer Lockhart was born in the vibrant city of New Orleans to Morgan and Elizabeth Lockhart. Her father, an ambitious student and aspiring politician, held great promise for the future; he was intensely interested in her and spent lots of time with her. As a young child, McKenna possessed a lively and talkative nature and was rather on the chubby side, a fact that would later be a source of embarrassment for her. At the tender age of four, McKenna's world was forever changed when her parents welcomed twins, Patrick and Carmen, into the family. The addition of her siblings brought both joy and adjustment to her life. The stress of three children exhausted her mother and caused conflict in her marriage. Her father’s work took more and more of his time until he was barely coming home before the wee hours of the morning. Morgan’s election to Congress marked a turning point that would fracture the Lockhart family.

Tragically, as McKenna turned eight, her parents' marriage dissolved, and her father chose to abandon the family. The devastating blow of his departure left a profound impact on McKenna, her mother, and her siblings. In search of solace and support, they sought refuge with Elizabeth's parents at the Walsh Family Ranch, nestled just outside the vibrant city of Odessa, Texas. While the Walshes were blessed with vast wealth and a sprawling ranch, McKenna found it difficult to escape the emotional turmoil caused by her father's abandonment. Her mind was preoccupied with questions of why he left and the lasting effects of his absence. Despite the luxury and resources surrounding her, McKenna longed for the love and stability that had been shattered. It was within the idyllic yet complex setting of the Walsh Family Ranch that McKenna's journey would begin, laying the foundation for the woman she would become. As she grappled with the wounds of her father's abandonment, McKenna would soon discover her own resilience and her even greater vulnerability.

During McKenna's formative years, her father's abandonment weighed heavily on her young shoulders, causing her to internalize guilt and self-blame. In the months following their separation, her attempts to reach out to him went unanswered, intensifying her sense of responsibility for his departure. At the tender age of ten, McKenna made several visits to her father in New Orleans, hoping to mend their fractured relationship. It was during one of these encounters that he shared a narrative of her mother pushing him away, which planted a seed of resentment towards Elizabeth within McKenna's heart. Though quietly blaming herself, the resentment towards her mother grew, shrouding her relationships in a tangled web of conflicting emotions. As time went on, McKenna's father remarried and started a new family, leaving her longing for his attention and acceptance. Communication dwindled to a complete halt, and McKenna's only glimpses of her father were through brief sightings on news channels, a stark reminder of their fractured bond.

Within the school environment, McKenna faced the cruel taunts of her peers, particularly the boys who targeted her weight. In her desperate search for answers and validation, she arrived at a heartbreaking conclusion: her perceived lack of attractiveness might have been the catalyst for her father's abandonment. Determined to change her appearance and prove her worth, she implored her mother to let her join the volleyball team. With unwavering dedication, McKenna poured her heart into practice, striving to excel both on the court and in her physical transformation.

By the time she reached the age of fourteen, the results of her hard work began to manifest. Shedding the weight that had burdened her, McKenna blossomed physically and found herself flourishing in both volleyball and horseback riding. Her achievements in these pursuits garnered attention, not only from her father, who suddenly reappeared in her life, showering her with affection and inviting her to stay with him, but also from her male peers at school who started to notice her allure. As her father capitalized on her yearning for his love, McKenna's relationship with her mother grew increasingly tense, entangled in the web of manipulation and emotional upheaval.

As McKenna entered her teenage years, she found herself thrust into the spotlight of popularity. The attention she garnered from boys was overwhelming, and her deep-seated desire for love led her to chase after any young man who even remotely resembled her father. Yearning for approval from her father, mother, and grandparents, she threw herself into her studies, excelling academically. However, once her homework was complete, she would often seek validation and acceptance from her friends, spending evenings away from the ranch, indulging in activities that would earn her their admiration, particularly from boys she held an interest in.

Despite the turmoil within her personal life, McKenna maintained an outward façade of kindness and positivity, skillfully concealing her true struggles from those around her. Her desire to please and be loved by her fractured family fueled her relentless pursuit of success. Amidst this turmoil, McKenna found solace and support in her boyfriend, Charlie. Although their relationship was far from healthy, marked by physical and emotional abuse, he served as her motivation to persevere in school and sports. Despite the toxicity, McKenna clung to the sliver of love and stability he provided during what was to come next.

The manifestation of her abilities was intertwined with the physical changes her body underwent during this transformative period. At the age of sixteen, McKenna experienced a sudden surge of power, coinciding with the development of her voluptuous figure. It was during an intense argument with her mother, fueled by the deep-rooted frustrations and feelings of abandonment, that her powers burst forth. In a moment of heightened emotions, her control over gravity and electricity materialized in a dazzling display. The air crackled with energy as sparks danced around her fingertips, illuminating the room with a radiant glow. Objects levitated and swirled around her, subject to the gravitational force she effortlessly commanded. It was as if the weight of her inner turmoil was lifted, replaced by an extraordinary ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of nature.

This awe-inspiring manifestation served as a turning point in McKenna's life, forever altering her perception of herself and the world around her. Yet, amidst the wonder and marvel of her newfound powers, she also experienced a profound sense of isolation and confusion. She grappled with the realization that her uniqueness as a mutant set her apart from others, further accentuating her fear of rejection and alienation. Her relationship with her mother had reached a boiling point and this didn’t make it any easier. In a desperate attempt at changing her situation, she begged her father to let her live with him instead. When he witnessed her mutant abilities firsthand, her father's response was one of rejection and disgust. He cruelly labeled her a "mutant freak" and demanded that she never contact him again. The devastating blow left McKenna shattered, grappling with feelings of abandonment once more.

At the age of 18, she swore off Texas altogether and embarked on a new chapter of her life, pursuing a degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley. Although she was naturally studious and quick to grasp concepts, her focus was occasionally compromised by her tumultuous relationship with Charlie. A pivotal moment occurred when Charlie visited her at college and discovered that she had been concealing her mutant abilities. An argument ensued, escalating to the point where Charlie became physically violent. Thankfully, McKenna's roommate intervened and called the authorities, leading to Charlie's arrest. It was at that moment that McKenna realized the toxic nature of their relationship. Supported by her roommate and newfound clarity, she summoned the courage to break up with Charlie and make her personal growth and academic pursuits the top priority.

Determined to excel in her studies, McKenna channeled her energy into her coursework and research. Her dedication paid off, and she graduated from UC Berkeley after four years with an impressive academic record. Driven by her thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a significant impact in the field of psychology, she set her sights on pursuing a Master's degree at Columbia University in New York.

Transitioning to Columbia University, McKenna found herself immersed in a stimulating academic environment, surrounded by esteemed faculty and driven peers. She embraced the opportunity to delve deeper into her studies, exploring various aspects of psychology and further honing her skills as a future practitioner. With her unwavering determination and the valuable experiences gained from her time at both UC Berkeley and Columbia, McKenna laid a strong foundation for her future career in psychology, driven by her innate empathy and a passion for understanding and empowering others.

During the final year of her master's degree, McKenna's life took an unexpected turn when she attended a secret mutant charity fundraiser in the city. It was there that she encountered Boris Morozov, a charismatic and enigmatic middle-aged man who captured her attention. Their connection deepened, and they embarked on a series of dates that led to a growing affection between them. McKenna discovered that Boris was a renowned fighter in Russia, and his fame only added to his allure.

As their relationship progressed, McKenna found herself accepting lavish gifts from Boris, and her infatuation with him deepened. Curiosity and a desire for adventure led her to visit Boris in Russia, where she learned of his grand mansion estate in Siberia. To her surprise, she discovered that Boris housed wayward mutants in his home, training them to effectively use their powers. Intrigued by this unique opportunity, McKenna became more involved in Boris's endeavors.

Returning to New York, McKenna completed her master's degree and secured a position teaching psychology as an adjunct at the university. However, her life took a significant turn when Boris proposed to her, urging her to join him in Russia. Deeply in love and captivated by the allure of the unknown, McKenna agreed, bidding farewell to her teaching career.

In Siberia, Boris became both McKenna's fiancé and mentor, pouring his fighting expertise and strategic knowledge into her. Through brutal conditioning and pushing her physical and mental limits, McKenna achieved peak readiness. She discovered that Boris's ultimate goal was to create a mutant empowerment organization called the White Wolves. Tasked with recruiting new members, McKenna embraced her role, traveling with Boris to identify troubled youth with exceptional powers and persuading them to join their cause. Once recruited, these individuals underwent the same intense training that McKenna herself experienced.

McKenna's life became entwined with the operations of the White Wolves, balancing her love for Boris with her evolving understanding of the organization's objectives. As she immersed herself in this complex world of training and recruitment, McKenna grappled with questions of ethics, loyalty, and the true purpose behind the White Wolves. Her journey alongside Boris challenged her beliefs and forced her to confront the consequences of her choices, as she navigated a path where love, empowerment, and the pursuit of a better world converged.

One day, McKenna found herself caught in the midst of a pivotal moment for mutant rights. With an air of determination and unwavering conviction, she wholeheartedly embraced Boris's proposition. Drawing upon her natural charm and her deep rapport with the White Wolves, McKenna embarked on a mission to amplify the significance of mutant rights, fueled by her unyielding belief in equality and justice. Together, they meticulously planned every detail, leaving no room for error. The time arrived, and they journeyed to the politician's residence, their hearts pounding with anticipation. As the media descended upon the scene, ready to capture the essence of their cause, Boris took the center stage, clutching the microphone with an air of authority. With a voice that resonated with power, he fearlessly proclaimed the purpose of their demonstration, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind about their unwavering commitment to the mutant cause.

But then, the unexpected unfolded before their eyes. In a shocking turn of events, Boris unleashed his fiery powers upon the very house that served as the symbol of opposition. Flames engulfed the structure, devouring the space with an intensity that left everyone stunned. McKenna stood frozen, her heart sinking with each crackle of the inferno. What had started as a peaceful protest had transformed into a cataclysmic event, claiming the lives of the politician and their innocent family.

In the aftermath, shock and horror painted McKenna's face, her belief in the righteousness of their cause shattered in an instant. Retreating to the safety of the estate, she found herself grappling with a whirlwind of emotions. The realization washed over her—she had been entangled in a web spun by Boris, a man consumed by his own dark desires and ruthless pursuit of their objectives. With a heavy heart and an overwhelming sense of urgency, McKenna knew she had to break free from this life that had become a twisted nightmare.

Summoning the strength within, McKenna made a decision. Casting aside the shadows of her past, she sought refuge in a new beginning, determined to distance herself from the dangerous extremist group and carve a path towards redemption. With hope flickering in her heart, she pursued a teaching position at Newhaven in New Orleans, a sanctuary where she could harness her knowledge and passion to inspire young minds to solve their problems peacefully. It also happened to be her hometown.

As she embarked on her journey across the globe, McKenna left behind a poignant note for Boris, a testament to the love she once felt and a plea for him to let her go. Though she braced herself for the relentless pursuit she knew would follow, her spirit remained resolute. As she took to the skies, McKenna embraced the uncertainties that lay ahead as she returned to the south for the first time in a decade, a very different person than when she left. Upon returning, she learned that her father was running for the open Louisiana Senate seat, on an anti-mutant platform, compounding her anxiety.