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Rebecca McMillen

Name Rebecca McMillen

Position School Counselor

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue Green
Physical Description A beautiful woman in her mid 20's, with somewhat mousey features, some more literal than others. Her feet are closer to mouse paws then actual feet, bearing elongated digits with vestigial claws, while a thin mouse-like tail swings behind her. To this end, she's almost never barefoot outside of the manor, and she's gotten very skilled at concealing her tail. Human looking enough, and easy to conceal when needed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rowan McMillen
Mother Palma McMillen
Sister(s) Jillian - Younger
Marcie - Older

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rebecca is a friendly, outspoken, and downright personable member of the faculty. She wants to help, and be helpful, and generally is there when a friend is in need. A life spent running from her problems and living alone has taught her to be clever, but her first instinct to when the going gets tough is still to look for a way out. While still nervous about using some of her gifts, she's certainly getting better.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rebecca is not skilled or brave in the face of combat. Surviving trauma is not something one forgets quickly, though she is making progress. Her open and friendly personality help sooth over troubled issues, and she tries to find the middle ground in conflicts.

Though, if push comes to shove, she's not a combatant. Her powers and skills revolve around a hasty, stealthy withdraw.

It's those same skills and powers that allow her to excel in the field when stealth and subterfuge are involved. You'd be surprised how many rats there are...

The other issue Rebecca has is her family. They may be looking for her on account of her having ran away.
Ambitions To get over her fears, to be a better friend and a better member of the Ridgehaven Manor faculty. If she can help even one person come out of their proverbial, or actual, shell...
Hobbies & Interests Rebecca enjoys painting and drawing in her free time, as well as the occasional obstacle course. She's an avid reader, especially when the book is a cheesy romance thriller. She enjoys scary movies, but she'll never ADMIT that she likes scary movies.


Alias Critter
Mutant Registration Status Registered Mutant
Primary Power Shrinking - Rebecca can shrink to the size of a mouse (2" / 5cm), though she cannot grow back to normal unless there's room to do so. A simple cage can trap her. If she is suddenly startled, this may trigger a a defensive reflex.
Secondary/Travel Power Mouse / Rat Empathy: Rebecca can communicate with rats and mice, on a meaningful level. She cannot control them, but they consider her a friend. Her hearing is also superior to a baseline human, having a higher and lower range of hearing to better hear the squeaking chiter of her rat friends
Training/Skillset Rebecca is amazingly acrobatic, possessing enhanced balance and climbing skills.
Mission Team Specialty At the academy, Rebecca is a liaison between the students and the upper faculty, and on occasion acts as a counselor of sorts. Her official position is an art teacher. On mission, her role is best suited for infiltration or intelligence gathering.


Personal History Rebecca is the middle child of three from a well to do household in New York City. Her father worked construction, while her mother was able to stay at home with the three sisters. Things went well, until Rebecca reached the age of thirteen and her powers came to light. At first the other two sisters were worried that they were next, but they never received any form of mutation. What they got instead, was a new toy.
Rebecca was endlessly teased and tormented by her sisters, often resigned to spending the night in a mouse cage like a pet. Her mother would scold her if she didn't play along, and insisted that spending time with her siblings was 'fine' no matter how it was. WHen she was seventeen, she finally had enough and ran away. Life on the street was no easier than life in a cage. She endured, and eventually heard about the Ridgehaven Manor. It was a school, it was a safe place. A safe place for people like *her*. It took years, but she crossed the distance to the Manor and enrolled in the courses. Having nowhere else to live, she lived on campus and took odd jobs and chores to pay her way though. Once she graduated, she stayed on as a member of the faculty.