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Name Kunikpaa

Position Student-Junior

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 2”
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Father Tulugaq
Mother Michelle Shepard

Personality & Traits


Alias (TBD)
Mutant Registration Status reg
Primary Power Voice control: she can make words and sounds come from the mouths of other people. It doesn’t always work, and the person knows it isn’t them speaking


Personal History Kunikpaa’s father was Tulugaq, an Inuit who came to Whitehorse for an apprenticeship, where he met Michelle Shepard, from the Hän First Nation and came to Whitehorse from Dawson City, also for schooling. They fell in love, married, and decided to stay in Whitehorse. Their first child, a girl, they named Kunikpaa in the Inuit tradition, meaning “Kiss Her”.

She left home at age 12 after her power manifested, a power which permitted her to make sounds and words come out of other people’s voices. This got her into trouble, in part because she tried to use it for fun, like tricking classmates and teachers, and in part because of anti-mutant sentiment in the community.

Hitchhiked to Vancouver and was eventually taken in by a social group trying to help homeless teens. They got her a sponsorship to go to Ridgehaven, though it required Registration with the US government.

(To be developed more fully)