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Zaid Corday

Name Zaid Corday

Position Student-Senior

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 170
Hair Color Black
Eye Color At base blue but change when using powers
Physical Description Zaid looks like an average highschooler. He as thick black hair, blue eyes average height, nothing that would make him stand out too much. The only tells that he is a mutant is when he uses his powers his eye color. Even that depending on his mood, usually taking the color of a noble gas in a neon sign.

As he tends to wear long sleeved clothing it is easy to miss the burn scars across his arms and chest.


Father Charles Corday (deceased)
Mother Victoria Corday (deceased)
Sister(s) Olivia Corday (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview General unhappy. His life in the system, on the street, juvenile detention and in general law Enforcment hands has left him a rather strong dislike of authority.
Strengths & Weaknesses Zaid is a bright kid who never really applied himself in normal education. Usually gets a grasp on most topics quickly but doesn't put much effort to hone those skills.
Ambitions Zaid at the moment want to be free of this school. He wants to be back on the streets doing what he feels is his only calling.
Hobbies & Interests Chemistry has always been of an interest to Zaid but only in the sence that it gives him better control and understanding of his powers.


Alias The alchemist
Mutant Registration Status reg
Primary Power He has the power to manipulate gas by making it lighter or denser and therefor effecting its temperature. By affecting the gas and using a household lighter zaid can make small explosions or simply make the area around somethign freeze do to cold. these areas are small as it takes a lot of energy to maintain the pressure and control on the gas.
Secondary/Travel Power By making the gas heavier zaid can make small surfaces he can hop to effectively walking thru the air.
Training/Skillset chemistry. street smarts, theft.
Mission Team Specialty Heavy fire power, but time on the street has thought him need to be quiet and sneaking when the need arises..


Personal History Zaid Corday was born to a middle class home in New Jersey. Good house, loving parents, never had a worry in the world. But then on Zaid's 12th birthday, his mom was cooking him a special meal, his dad was reading the paper and Zaid with his sister were playing in the living room. This is when Zaids powers manifested, he had no clue but as the gas in the house became more volatile his dad notices the smell but it was already to late. His mom started the gas stove and in a brilliant but terrifying display of colors the house explodes leaving 3 charred bodies and but the grace of luck Zaid on the street with server 3rd degree burn all over his chest and arms.

Zaid spent the next 3 year in the system, as he figured out, he had this power he knew it was him who had killed his family. The once bright and happy boy grew cold, dark and generally angry at the world. At the age of 15 he ran from the Orphanage and lived on the streets learning to steal to live, using his powers to make it easy and cover his tracks.

As he got a good grasp at the basic of his powers he escalated, getting involved with the wrong kind of crowds. As he used his power more and more, he grew to hate it, himself and mutant kind as a whole. One day he got a little too big for his britches and robbed the wrong guy, leaving him a bloody mess for the police to pick up.

He would have spent his life in this cycle if not for the generosity of Dr. Drake and Ridgehaven manor, taking him off the states hands in turn to watch and take responsibility for Zaid.