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Gabe Spicer

Name Gabe Spicer

Position Agricultural Sciences Instructor

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft3in
Weight 180
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and Lanky individual, Sandy brown hair
Hair is messy most days
blue eyes behind grey glasses

Casual dresser


Personality & Traits

General Overview Kind and helpful to a fault, And believes in loyalty
Temper can get the better of him at times though
Strengths & Weaknesses s-Loyal
Will go out of his way to help

w-can get irritated easily
Ambitions Learn his past
Hobbies & Interests Loves Comic books and Cartoons
Has an interest in Sherlock holmes


Alias Chlorophyll
Mutant Registration Status reg
Primary Power Plant manipulation
Training/Skillset Self taught as far as he knows


Personal History Gabes Earliest memory is growing up in a suburb of Austin Texas. Going to the local elementary school. Just generally being a kid. Summers he'd spend and his uncles farm in Oklahoma. He looked so forward to that, as that's where he became more or less the person he is today. Then one summer his life completely changed. One day he was tending to some wheat then he felt a strange sensation. Like he was somehow connected to the wheat, almost by instinct he stretched his hand out and the wheat shot fir the sky. Needless to say the youngster was scared out of his wits.

Not knowing what else to do Gabe told his uncle. Next thing he knew men came in a black van.

Thats the last thing he remembers. He can't remember 10 years of his life. His next memory is being a 22-year-old and drifting from place to place and holding meaningless retail jobs until he found his way eventually to New Orleans